Yearbook 2017 - 2018




Lisa Bodé

Si on est marqué pour aller quelque part,
on ne peut pas empêcher la vie de nous y emmener.


Sophie Britz

Always wear your invisible crown


Elisa Comor

Never give up on your dreams, keep sleeping

Alvise Czarnocki Lucheschi

Ne pense pas à gagner, mais pense plutôt à ne pas perdre


Jil Hamm

Just keep swimming


Isabelle Koch

Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me

Laura Legille

Chill out, what you yellin’ for?
Lay back, it’s all been done before.
Avril Lavigne


Zoë Ouli

Why would you fall in love, when you can fall down the stairs.


Marta Pinto Teixeira

Love life, live love

Alessandra Porcedda

This too shall pass.


Lisa-Marie Schwartz

Just love life.


Liz Theisen

Listen, smile, agree and then do
whatever the fuck you want.

Jo-Anne Wagner

If you change nothing, nothing changes.


Adèle Wester

Per aspera ad astra.


Larissa Wilwert

Sleep. Eat. Read. Repeat.

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