Anna Baertz

Work hard, play hard.


Sebastian Beyenburg

If you know, you know.


Marguerite Blanc

Light travels faster than sound.
That’s why some people appear bright
until you hear them speak.

Ruben Dickhoff

Traus der net.


Miruna-Simona Dinu

„That’s hot“ – Paris Hilton


Charles Drinkwater

You only have one life. Make sure to have no regrets at the end of it.

Kate Dundon

Et ass wéi et ass.


Jan Geier

Ein Geier baucht mehr Schlaf.


Sophia Guarda

Intelligence is knowing tomato is a fruit,
wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

Annie Jin

Made in China


Youhan Kafai El-Khorassani

Firwat soll ee Museker ginn, wann ee kann DJ ginn


Mathieu Kayser

Gales Penales gëff mer däin Bales.

Laura Lasso Pena

Be the life of the Party


Philippe Peiffer

Drénk Kaffi a maach wéi wann s de Anung häss


Cédric Pepin

There is no real meaning in life,
so live your life the way you enjoy it.

Edie Rees

Live fast, die young, bad bitches do it well.


Claire Remmy

Après le bac, on vera plus clair.


Pit Riewer

I would like to thank sleep deprivation, fast food,
sriracha, energy drinks and Netflix…
and my family and friends to get me through this.

Eleanor Stone

Here for a good time not a long time


Eva Triniane

Ça passe ou ça casse.


Caroline Van Rijckevorsel Jonkvrouwe

Always colour elephants.

Jil Wenner

Bleif chill, Jil

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